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Every flower of the crop depends on the fertilizer.

Every flower of a crop depends on fertilizer.

The application of organic and inorganic fertilizers in combination is an important way to improve soil fertility, combine land use and nutrition, and increase yield and income.

The results show that chemical fertilizer and straw return, chemical fertilizer and stable manure, chemical fertilizer and poultry manure, or new organic-inorganic special compound fertilizer have specific effects on soil fertility.

Also high yield, high efficiency and high quality production can be achieved.

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"Chemical fertilizers are non-toxic and non-harmful." It is not harmful if used properly, but if used too much and endangers the environment, it can affect people's health.

Agricultural production needs chemical fertilizer.
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As long as scientific fertilization and good use of good things, it is good for agricultural production and for people's food.

In the thousands of years of Chinese agricultural civilization, the role of organic fertilizer is very important.

Organic fertilizer is nutritionally comprehensive.

Various elements can make the soil fertile, bring more coal and make the soil more fertile.

We need to encourage people to use organic fertilizers and to combine organic and inorganic fertilizers, especially for cash crops.

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