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By Mona | 08 December 2022 | 0 Comments

The price of compound fertilizer is facing a rise!

The price of compound fertilizer is facing a rise!

This week, the atmosphere of China's compound fertilizer market is positive, and prices in many places have risen by RMB50-100/MT. High-nitrogen products have ceased to be received and reported more, and the new round of price quotations is not yet clear.

In terms of raw materials:

Urea is boosted by factors such as exports, epidemics, and local automobile transportation. The market continues to rise, and the price adjustment is obvious.

Affected by factors such as downstream purchase follow-up, expected increase in exports, and cost support, monoammonium phosphate has become highly hyped in the market and prices continue to push up.

Boosted by the increase in nitrogen and phosphorus, the market mentality of potash fertilizers has reversed. In addition, factories in Northeast China have stocked up, and prices have turned from falling to rising.

The overall rise in raw materials not only increases the support for market costs, but also promotes the improvement of market mentality and atmosphere.

As for the main compound fertilizer enterprises, the advance harvest of winter storage is speeding up, and the enterprises are more ready to send out. In the middle of the week, the number of enterprises that have suspended quotations and suspended orders has gradually increased. The prices of individual enterprises have tentatively increased. Not much follow up. Most of the dealers are actively taking low-price orders in the early stage, and the market has improved. At present, the market is mainly based on fulfilling the previous orders, and the mentality is positive.

Based on the analysis of the above factors, it is expected that China's compound fertilizer market will maintain an upward trend next week, and some low-end prices may increase significantly.

1. Raw materials are strong, which enhances support for market costs and mentality.

2. Enterprises are well prepared and have a strong intention to raise prices.

3. The market mentality is positive, and some operations are active.

Focus on the trend of raw materials and the new round of prices of major companies. China's export market will also fluctuate accordingly.

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