Treat Your Plants To The Best Amino Acid Fertilizer Around

Amino Acid Fertilizer is used for improving nitrogen and potassium nutrition of plants, raising the yield, increasing the quality of crops. A harvests will be bigger after you use it. It is popular with farmers in China and other countries.
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Treat Your Plants To The Best Amino Acid Fertilizer Around

Organic Fertilizer Amino Acid Fertliizer Npk12-0-1.5

Our Organic Fertilizer NPK12-0-1.5 is an amino acid organic fertilizer made of black granules, size 3-5mm, 80% MIN. It contains 12% nitrogen, 1.5% potassium, and 22% organic matter. The fertilizer has a strong amino acid aroma.

organic fertilizer Benefits

Organic fertilizer for plants is mainly derived from plants or animals and applied to soil to provide plant nutrition as its main function of carbon materials. Data show that the developed countries that have used organic manure account for nearly half of fertilizer nutrient supply, and the application of organic manure is gradually being taken seriously. I think farmers with organic fertilizer use it because of its 4 advantages:

1.Complete nutrition and equilibrium nutrient

Organic fertilizer for plant contains a variety of nutrients what crops need, both a large number of nutrients, and trace elements, so organic fertilizer in the balance of soil nutrients plays a more important role, and all purpose organic fertilizer can also be very good absorption of heavy metal ions in the soil, reduce the harm effectively.

2.Improve soil, improve fertility

Improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, improve the content of soil organic matter, promote the formation of soil aggregates, make the soil loose and porous that retain water and fertilizer retention ability, avoid and eliminate soil compaction, to enhance soil fertility. In addition, the effective utilization rate of chemical fertilizer can be greatly improved by the phosphorous and potassium solubilization of beneficial microorganisms.

3.Enhance the activity of soil’s biological, increase production, improve quality

Organic matter of bio-organic fertilizer can provide energy and nutrients for soil microorganisms, promote the mass reproduction of microorganisms in the soil, enhance the respiration of soil, and ammonification, nitrification. Microorganisms in the activity, or death after discharge, in addition to organic and inorganic nutrients, can also produce various amino acids such as valley acyl amino acid, proline, and plant hormones such as vitamins, cytokinin, auxin, gibberellin, these can greatly promote the crop root growth, promote flowering fruit rate, increase crop yield, achieve the effect of increasing production and income.

4.Enhance crop resistance to disease and stress

Bio Farm Organic Fertilizer can enhance the resistance of crops and reduce the occurrence of diseases. At the same time, a large amount of biotech organic fertilizer is applied to loose soil, improve the living environment of roots, promote root growth, and improve crop drought resistance and waterlogging resistance.

Soil nutrient imbalance, soil microbial community is destroyed and other problems will seriously affect the quality and yield, so the use of organic chemical fertilizer, not only improves the economic value of crops but also can achieve the purpose of improving soil and reducing the environmental pollution of chemical fertilizer.

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Organic Fertilizer Amino Acid Fertliizer Npk12-0-1.5

NPK 12-0-1.5


1.Outside the inside of the plastic, the packaging picture is for reference only, the actual packaging shall prevail.

2. Customized packaging can be customized acccording to customer's requirements


organic fertilizer use N.W. 50.00KGS/Blank Woven Bag

Organic Fertilizer Amino Acid Fertliizer Npk12-0-1.5



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