Basic knowledge of fertilizers
Basic knowledge of fertilizers

Q: What is NPK?

A: The elements most needed by plants are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are generally denoted by N, P and K.

Nitrogen (N) for growth

Phosphorus (P) for flowering and fruiting

Potassium (K) for photosynthesis


Q:What is chemical fertilizer? 

A:In a narrow sense, chemical fertilizer refers to fertilizer produced by chemical methods; in a broad sense, chemical fertilizer refers to all inorganic fertilizers and slow-acting fertilizers produced by industry. 

Q:What is organic fertilizer?
A:Organic fertilizer is a type of natural fertilizer that is used in rural areas to accumulate or directly plow and bury organic materials such as animal and plant residues or human and animal excrement.

Q:What is slow release fertilizer?
A:A fertilizer in which the nutrients are in a compound or physical state that can be released slowly over a period of time for continued plant uptake and use. Slow release means that the rate of release of chemical nutrients is much less than the rate of release of fast-acting fertilizers into the active state of plant nutrients after application to the soil.