organic fertilizer npk12-0-1.5

organic fertilizer npk12-0-1.5
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organic fertilizer NPK12-0-3

Product Description

 Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer(12-0-1.5)

  • Black Granula,
  • Size 3-5mm  80% MIN,
  • Nitrogen(N) 12% MIN,
  • Potassium(as K2O) 1.5% MIN,
  • Organic matter 22% MIN(LOI at 550°C 70% MIN),
  • Strong Amino Acid Aroma





Black Granular

Black Granular


12% MIN


Potassium (as K2O)

3% MIN


Organic Matter

20% MIN


Product size(as 3-5mm)

90% MIN





Organic Fertilizer Benefit

Organic Fertilizer Top 2 In China


1.Cost effective, great colour, longer lasting.
2. Provides readily available NPK nutrients.
3. Humic acid for better utilisation and longevity of nitrogen.
4. Amino acid for increasing tolerance to environmental stress.
5. Ideal maintenance or base fertiliser.
6. Reduced nutrient leaching from the profile.
7.Natural fertilizer granule which is allowed in the organic agriculture and horticulture. 8.High amount of nitrogen (5%~13%) that has a fast and slow effect. 9.Contains various trace-elements, enzymes and sugars for a healthy soil life.



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Packaging & Shipping
  • Organic-Inorganic Compound Fertilizer(NPK 12-0-1.5) use  N.W. 50.00KGS/Blank Woven Bag





Company Information
  • Our Group concentrates on production of organic fertilizer and organic & inorganic compound fertilizer. we have nearly 20-yearexperience of producing fertilizers and offering service for precision fertilizer users.


  • Fortunately, our factory rose up to the top 2 of organic fertilizer factories in China .With an annual production capacity of 1million tons, the manufactures are located in Mongolia, Xinjiang and Jilin provinces. The fertilizer mainly contain Amino Acid, Humic Acid, Medium and trace elements etc.. The product is of a feature contains beneficial substances, organic matters,comprehensive nutritions , and the scientific formula.


  • The company has obtained a number of certifications such as the high-tech products certification, invention patents, ISO9001, ISO14001 and so on. Our group is well-known for the experts, high-tech talents, formed products, the development of researchproduction, and marketing team.



Our Services
  • Factory visit
  • Free sample
  • The authority inspection report of quality ( like SGS)
  • Documents , Assist to handle access permit of worldwide.( like Ecocert )
  • Payment support, Customized credit limit for have long-term cooperated customer. (Time)
  • Technical& sales , How to Scientific use/sale products in local to achieve the best results.
  • Import support, Experienced professional team, let clean custom more fast and rational.
  • Market protection ,Keep you competitive advantage of the items in local. (Regional&price)



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