organic fertilizer npk5%

npk5% High Content of Organic Matter,With Amino Acids and Humic Acids,With Medium & Trace Elements
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Product Description

 20 Years Factory Black Granule Organic Fertilizer Production Line organic fertilizer manure NPK5%


  • Our organic fertilizers are using the residual solution as raw materials which produced through corn 's fermentation by biotechnology to produce monosodium glutamate. Then though high temperature evaporation to spray granulation.
  • Our products are rich in organic matter, NPK, amino acids, humic acid and other nutrients. The fertilization of our organic fertilizer can effectively adjust the ph value of soil, improve soil environment promote plant growth, improve the yield and quality of crop.








Black Granular

Black Granular

Total Nutrient

5.0% MIN


Organic Matter

45% MIN


Product size(as 3-5mm)

80% MIN



30% MAX


PH Value








1. It combined the nutrients of mineral and organic fertilizers as well as the amino acid and micro elements with special efficacy for the plants.It can not only promote the crops growth and output,but also decrease occurrence of pests and diseases, organic fertilizer for coconut.

2. High Orgainc Matter, Can improve the soil, it increase the granule structure and makes the soil not lump,cow dung organic fertilizer

3. Improve utilization of nutrients by overlay with other NPK fertilizer

4. Combined organic inorganic fertilizer,fertilizer organic lawn

5. Organic fertilizer pellet machine,nano organic fertilizer,humus plus organic fertilizer

6. Clean, pollution-free and help improve the ecological environment.

7. Enhance metabolic function and adversity ability.




  • Organic fertilizer and Seaweed organic fertilizer should be used as bottom fertilizer, and can be applied in ditch, hole or broadcast. When fertilizing, leave the root of the plant.
  • Soil conditioner wehg organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer granular suitable for a variety of dry land crops (such as: tea, citrus, lawn, flowers, melons and fruits, vegetables, tobacco, beans and wheat, cotton, etc.)
  • China organic fertilizer export is mainly applicable to field crops.



1. Generally as basal fertilizer, chicken organic fertilizer according to different formula of crops also karyon organic fertilizer can be used as fertilizer application.

2. Organic composte fertilizer generally can be used as fertilizer NPK content, and price organic fertilizer is suitable for fertilizer application of vegetables, fruit trees and other economic crops.

3. The amount of organic chicken manure fertilizer varies according to different soils.

4. Super green organic fertilizer,no direct contact with seeds and plants.Preservative for organic fertilizer





Packaging & Shipping
  • fertilizer making machine organic and organic chicken manure fertilizer for rice
  • Packaging:Organic Fertilizer Production Line organic fertilizer manure NPK5% packed in 50KGS/Woven Bag

    Shipping: New fertilizer granulator organic Within two weeks after order organic fertilizer plant gtowth  enhance


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Company Information


  • Our Group concentrates on production of organic fertilizer and organic & inorganic compound fertilizer. we have nearly 20-year experience of producing fertilizers and  offering service for precision fertilizer users.
  • Fortunately, our factory rose up to the top 2 of organic fertilizer factories in China .With an annual production capacity of 1 million tons, the manufactures are located in Mongolia, Xinjiang and Jilin provinces. The fertilizer mainly contain Amino Acid, Humic Acid, Medium and trace elements etc.. The product is of a feature contains beneficial substances, organic matters, comprehensive nutritions , and the scientific formula.

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  • The company has obtained a number of certifications such as the high-tech products certification, invention patents, ISO9001, ISO14001 and so on. Our group is well-known for the experts, high-tech talents, formed products,  the development of research production,  and marketing team.

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