Item No.: Fe 6% EDDHA
EDDHA-Fe 6% : Brown Powder, Fe(Ferric) 6% MIN
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Product Description

 EDDHA-Fe 6% : Brown Powder, Fe(Ferric) 6% MIN
 Iron EDDHA 6% is highly water-soluble, which is beneficial to plant absorption and fertilizer utilization, Iron EDDHA is beneficial to strengthen the resistance of crops and increase production and income.Gives a strong apical zone, free of chlorosis. Its effect is much better than most iron-compound such as traditional ferrous oxide, ferrous sulfate, etc. Also, it is easier for absorbing than EDTA Fe. The EDDHA Fe is good for environment protecting.










Brown Powder

Brown Powder




What is EDDHA-Fe

Fe and Ortho-Ortho:
The most efficient source of iron ever, designed to meet all range of pH condition.

Product Characteristics
   Top quality plant growth fe eddha 6% iron chelate 4.8 fertilizer for sale
   EDDHA Fe 6% / EDDHA fertilizer / organic fertilizer
* Prevent crop from Fe deficiency with high activity, stable nature, quick and long acting
* Suit for alkaline soil conditition.


* Can be used for soil below pH9, the plant absorption rate of 100%.

* Can be fixed in the soil beneficial ingredients, reduce the loss; is conducive to adjust the        

   soil pH, to prevent soil hardening.

* It can be used to control the diseases such as "yellow leaf disease" and "lobular disease"


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Anywin Biotechnology have experts,scholars,middle and senior technical personnel to form a high-quality product development, production and marketing team.In 2018,We got the ISO9001,ISO14001 certification.Let the control of agricultural cultivation become a kind of enjoyment is the company's struggle mission and become the world's most professional precision fertilizer integration.



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