Item No.: EDTA-Fe
Edta-Fe 13%
/ Piece
1 Piece(Min. Order)

Micronutrient element best fertilizer Edta-Fe 13%

The physiological function of iron (Fe) : cytochrome, hemoglobin, ferredoxin and important component of a variety of enzymes, in the transfer of the electron effect in plants and is essential for chlorophyll synthesis of material Iron(Fe) deficiency often occurs in high PH soils such as calcareous soils, especially in saline soils.Iron(Fe) deficiency can make the iron not easy to be reused in the plant, main  symptoms are the top or young tender parts chlorosis, the whole leaf withered yellowing, whitening or peeling if severely deiciency, and the plant top withered.

Product Name Edta-Fe
Appearance Yellow or Tawny Powder


Fe(Ferric) 13% MIN


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