Item No.: EDTA-Cu
Classfications: CHELATE
Appearance:  blue powder
Grade Standard: Agriculture Grade;
/ Piece
1 Piece(Min. Order)
Copper is involved in oxidation-reduction reactions in vivo, and many oxidase (including SOD) components or some enzyme activators; To form copper protein and participate in photosynthesis; Participate in nitrogen metabolism and affect nitrogen fixation;To promote the development of floral organs Symptoms of copper deficiency in the process of crop growth and development : growth emaciated, chlorosis of new leaves, tip whitish curl , margin sallowness, appearance necrotic spot. At the top of the gramineae is whitish and withered, and the reproductive organs is blocked.
Product Name EDTA-Cu
Content Copper(Cu) 13% MIN

chelated state

     less dosage    

   quick effect  

no residue

symptoms cu deficiencies in plant during growth and development process

EDTA-Cu is a blue crystal powder, it is easily and rapidly soluble in water because of its porous, compatible with most water-soluble fertilizers. Copper deficiency significantly affect the reproductive growth of gramineous crops. It was confirmed that the lack of copper was hindered by the formation of anther, and the development of pollen.
This product can be used for machine applicatioon, chase, washing, casting, drip irrigation and spraying:
The specific amount of application and the number of application should be determined according to different soil.different crop fertilization schemes and actual growth needs, and the application principle should be followed a few times.

Packing & Loading

N.W. 25.00KGS/Woven Bag


Potassium Humate Liquid Organic Fertilizer amino fulvic humic acids concentrated liquid





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Potassium Humate Liquid Organic Fertilizer amino fulvic humic acids concentrated liquid


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