Winter Rapeseed

Winter Rapeseed

What is winter rapeseed: Rapeseed seedling need low temperatures of 0-5°C for 20-40 days to pass the vernalization stage for bud differentiation. Strong winter rapeseed can adapt to low winter temperatures of -15°C. The field of winter rapeseed are cold resistant and drought tolerant and suitable for southern temperate climate.


1. Winter rapeseed fertilization spray principles 

(1) For last year's rapeseed sowing delayed, after sowing heavy damage, slow growth of seedlings, rapeseed seedlings in general weak situation, scientific tracking organic fertilizer, promote the growth of rapeseed balanced, to prevent premature failure of late. 

(2)According to regional characteristics and rapeseed seedling condition classification guidance, scientific fertilization. 

(3) Pay attention to the winter rapeseed flowering stage chasing phosphorus, potassium, boron, magnesium and other nutrients, give full play to the role of resistance to promote production. 

(4) Timely fertilization, pay attention to water with fertilizer to field of rapeseed. 
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2. Winter rapeseed fertilization recommendations pay attention

(1) When chasing fertilizer, urea46% and KCl can be evenly mixed and applied, and compound fertilizer with corresponding nutrient amount can also be applied. 

(2) If the amount of npk fertilizer is not enough, spray 4.5-7.5 kg/ha of MKP during the podding period, which can effectively prevent early failure of winter rapeseed. 

(3) Supplement boron fertilizer according to the soil effective boron condition, pay attention to the use of qualified boron fertilizer, can be applied 4.5-7.5 kg of EDTA-B per hectare at the time of fertilization, can also be combined with the control of botrytis for fertilizer spray, general foliar spray borax 3 kg/ha, concentration of 0.2%. 

(4) Acidic soil areas, high-yielding regions in recent years, magnesium deficiency occurs from time to time, can be combined with the prevention and control of botrytis at the time of flowering fertilizer spraying, general spraying magnesium sulfate 7.5-15 kg / ha, concentration 1%-2%, can also be sprayed in the pod period of winter rapeseed.


[Reference only, the specific fertilization program of winter rapeseed please adjust according to the actual soil conditions]


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