Spring Rapeseed

Spring crop rape  

What is spring crop rape : Spring crop rape seedlings need 10-20℃ temperature, after 15-20 days can be suitable for the central subtropical climate, warm winter areas. 

1. Spring crop rape fertilization principles 

(1) make full use of soil testing and fertilization technology results of scientific fertilization. Advocate the application of spring crop rape special formula fertilizer, the ratio of N: P: K = 10 ~ 13: 5 ~ 7: 7 ~ 9, while in the production process properly added sulfur and boron.

[Reference source: invention patent CN1453250A of the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China]

(2) Supplementary application of boron fertilizer, zinc fertilizer and sulfur fertilizer to vegetable rape

(3) Additional organic fertilizer was applied and green manure was planted using the hydrothermal resources after the vegetable rape harvest. 

(4) Base fertilizer is applied at 6-8 cm below the soil of spring crop rape. 

(5) Do a good job of soil moisture collection and moisture conservation, using water and fertilizer synergy to improve nutrient utilization efficiency and promote spring crop rape growth. 


2. Spring crop rape fertilization recommendations 

(1) Spring rapeseed harvest level of 2250 kg / ha or less, nitrogen fertilizer (N) 90-120 kg / ha, phosphorus fertilizer (P2O5) 60 kg / ha, potassium fertilizer (K2O) 37.5 kg / ha, zinc sulfate 15 kg / ha, borax 7.5 kg / ha. 

(2) Spring rapeseed harvest level 2250-3000 kg/ha, nitrogen fertilizer (N) 120-135 kg/ha, phosphorus fertilizer (P2O5) 75 kg/ha, potassium fertilizer (K2O) 37.5 kg/ha, zinc sulfate 22.5 kg/ha, borax 11.25 kg/ha. 

(3) Spring rapeseed harvest level of 3000 kg/ha or more, nitrogen fertilizer (N) 135-165 kg/ha, phosphorus fertilizer (P2O5) 75-90 kg/ha, potassium fertilizer (K2O) 45 kg/ha, zinc sulfate 22.5 kg/ha, borax 1.0 kg/ha. 

(4) When available, a combination of special rapeseed seedling fertilizer and slow-release base fertilizer for spring rape can be applied at one time. The recommended rapeseed seedling fertilizer of 15-15-15 formula or special fertilizer for spring rape of similar formula (with boron and zinc) is recommended at 75-120 kg/ha for seed fertilizer and 300-450 kg/ha for base fertilizer according to the rapeseed yield. If no seed fertilizer is applied, 30-75 kg/ha of urea can be applied retrospectively during the shoots according to the seedling condition. 

[Reference only, please adjust the specific fertilization program for spring vegetable rape according to the actual soil conditions]


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