1. Potato fertilization problems and fertilization principles

In view of the problems of insufficient application of organic fertilizers and potassium fertilizers in potato production, the following fertilization principles are proposed:

(1) Optimize the dosage of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers according to soil fertility conditions.

(2) Increase the application of organic fertilizers, and advocate organic and inorganic fertilizers and straws.

(3) Appropriately increase the application of potassium fertilizer according to the status of soil potassium.

(4) Fertilizer application should be combined with high-yield and high-quality cultivation techniques.

2.Potato fertilizer amount and method

(1) Potato yield level is above 45,000 kg/ha: nitrogen fertilizer (N) 165-195 kg/ha, phosphate fertilizer (P2O5) 75-90 kg/ha, potassium fertilizer (K2O) 210-255 kg/ha.
(2) Potato yield level of 30000~45000 kg/ha: nitrogen fertilizer (N) 135~165 kg/ha, phosphate fertilizer (P2O5) 60~75 kg/ha, potash fertilizer (K2O) 180~210 kg/ha.

(3) Potato yield level of 22500~30000 kg/ha: nitrogen fertilizer (N) 105~135 kg/ha, phosphate fertilizer (P2O5) 45~60 kg/ha, potash fertilizer (K2O) 135~180 kg/ha.

(4) Potato yield level below 22,500 kg/ha: nitrogen fertilizer (N) 90-105 kg/ha, phosphate fertilizer (P2O5) 45-60 kg/ha, potassium fertilizer (K2O) 105-120 kg/ha.

Apply 30-45 cubic meters of organic fertilizer per hectare as base fertilizer. If organic fertilizers are used in the base fertilizer, the amount of chemical fertilizers can be reduced as appropriate.

For potato planting soils deficient in boron or zinc, 15 kg/ha of borax or 15-30 kg/ha of zinc sulfate can be applied.

For areas where sulfur is deficient, the basic application of sulfur can be about 30 kg/ha. If other sulfur-containing fertilizers are used, the amount of sulfur can be reduced.

70% of nitrogen fertilizer is used as base fertilizer, 30% is used as top dressing at seedling stage, and all phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are used as base fertilizer.


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