1. Peanut fertilization principles 

(1) organic and inorganic combination. Increase the application of well-rotted organic fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer to reduce the amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to increase the amount. 

(2) base fertilizer is the main, supplemented by chasing fertilizer. Base fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are applied in a balanced manner, and the total amount of fertilizer applied is increased by 20% with the use of ground cover cultivation. Follow-up fertilizer is mainly nitrogen and potassium fertilizer, and advocate water and fertilizer integrated fertilization. 

(3) balanced fertilization, supplemented with micronutrient fertilizers. Acid soil calcium fertilizer can be used calcium magnesium phosphate, neutral and alkaline soils with calcium superphosphate, can also be used in the flowering period after the needle foliar spray of water-soluble calcium fertilizer. Molybdenum, boron and other trace elements can be taken to mix seeds or mixed with rhizobacterial agents to improve the efficiency of tumor, but pay attention to the antagonistic effect between trace elements. 

2. Peanut fertilization recommendations 

(1) Recommended formula: base fertilizer NPK 15-15-15, follow-up fertilizer NPK 12-0-3 or a similar formula. 

(2) Base fertilizer. Peanut yield level 2250-3000 kg / ha, the recommended amount of formula fertilizer 450-525 kg / ha; peanut yield level 3000-4500 kg / ha, the recommended amount of formula fertilizer 525-600 kg / ha; peanut yield level 4500-6000 kg / ha, the recommended amount of formula fertilizer 600-675 kg / ha. It is recommended to apply additional farmyard manure 30-45 square / ha. 

(3) Fertilizer chasing. In the post-blooming period before the next needle stage, combined with the mid-tillage cultivation operation, the chase application of nitrogen fertilizer (N) 37.5 kg - 52.5 kg per hectare. 

(4) Foliar fertilizer. After the flowering and needling period, use 1% diammonium phosphate solution or 0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution for 2-3 foliar fertilization, 600 kg-750 kg per hectare, each time at an interval of 7-10 days. 

(5) Seed fertilizer. Seed fertilizer is recommended in plots with low fertility and can be applied with 75 kg/ha of diammonium phosphate.


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