Organic Lettuce

1. Organic lettuce fertilization problems and fertilization principles

Lettuce production for organic fertilizer application less, blind bias nitrogen fertilizer phenomenon is prominent, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer application is not enough, fertilization period and the way unreasonable and other problems, the following fertilization principles.

(1) Increase the application of organic fertilizer, control nitrogen fertilizer, increase the application of phosphorus, potassium fertilizer.

(2) Fertilizer distribution is based on the combination of base and chase. The follow-up fertilizer is mainly nitrogen fertilizer, with reasonable potassium fertilizer.

(3) serious acidification of the organic lettuce planting soil, should be an appropriate amount of lime and other acidic soil conditioner.

(4) fertilization and quality cultivation techniques, especially water management, in order to improve the efficiency of fertilizer and water use.


2. Organic lettuce fertilization amount and method

(1) basal fertilizer once applied with well-rotted farmyard manure 15000~22500 kg/ha.

(2)Organic lettuce yield level 52,500 kg/ha or more: nitrogen (N) 240-270 kg/ha, phosphorus (P2O5) 105-135 kg/ha, potash (K2O) 120-150 kg/ha.

(3) Organic lettuce yield level 37,500~45,000 kg/ha: Nitrogen (N) 210~240 kg/ha, phosphorus (P2O5) 75~90 kg/ha, potash (K2O) 90~120 kg/ha.

(4) Organic lettuce yield level 22,500~30,000 kg/ha: nitrogen (N) 180~210 kg/ha, phosphorus (P2O5) 60~75 kg/ha, potassium (K2O) 45~90 kg/ha.

Organic lettuce is poorly tolerant to acid, and 2250~3000 kg of lime per hectare is needed when the soil pH of vegetable garden in southern region is lower than 5.

Nitrogen fertilizer all do chase, according to 20%, 30% and 50% in transplanted lettuce greening, rosette and early fast growth in 3 chases, potassium fertilizer 40% to 50% base application, the rest in the rosette and early fast growth of lettuce in 2 chases, phosphorus fertilizer all for base fertilizer strips or cave application.

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