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The danger of soil salt damage

The danger of soil salt damage

When the salt content of the soil is too high, salinization or even salt damage, the growth of vegetables will be abnormal, there are a variety of adverse symptoms. And we can only see the difference from the vegetables, in fact, when the soil salinization after not only affects the growth of vegetables, the physical and chemical properties of the soil damage more serious. It is not conducive to the formation of agglomerate structure. Grain structure requires humus, mineral elements and other substances in a certain proportion of the combination, when the mineral elements are much higher than the amount of humus grain structure is not easy to form. Although the content of mineral elements in the soil is high, but the fertility status is low.


1.More severe soil consolidation

When the agglomerate structure of the soil is reduced, the aeration and permeability of the soil becomes poor, and the soil becomes sticky with water, and after drying, a lot of cracks appear on the surface. Roots stretch very slowly in such soil, impermeable and impermeable soil is more likely to make the root system injured.

2.Inhibit the development of vegetable roots

In the presence of salt damage to the soil planted vegetables, plants generally perform dwarf, stunted, dense leaf color, serious from the leaves begin to dry or brown, inward or outward rolled, the roots turn brown to dead.

Take cucumber as an example: when the soil salt content is too high, the soil solution concentration is too large, the root system can not absorb water normally, the plant performance noon wilting, night back to normal; when the soil salinization, cucumber seedlings planted after the difficulty of survival, seedling difficulties; leaf color dense green, leaf edge with wavy wilted yellow spots, or leaf outward rolled, umbrella-shaped, become brittle; in severe cases from the leaf began to lose water wilting, dry brown, the roots become brown and die. Dry brown, the roots browning, withering, the whole plant withered and died; serious flower topping, fruit bitter and other phenomena.

 soil salt damage

General Melons and vegetables wilt at noon, the morning and evening recovery, similar to wilt, stem base shrinkage thinning, root system red black, destroy the absorption function of the root system, which will inevitably cause nutrient disorders, thus triggering root diseases, and lead to deficiency disease.

1.Potassium and boron deficiencies are prone to fungal diseases

2.Calcium, magnesium and copper deficiencies are prone to bacterial diseases

3.Zinc and molybdenum deficiencies are prone to viruses.

4.Too much potassium fertilizer reduces the effectiveness of calcium, magnesium and boron

5.Too much phosphorus reduces the effectiveness of calcium, zinc and boron.


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