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By Mona | 21 September 2022 | 0 Comments

Protect from critical periods of rice yield increase!

Protect from critical periods of rice yield increase!

The duration of high temperature and low rainfall weather is becoming longer and more widespread, resulting in rice experiencing increasingly severe drought and high temperatures.

One-season rice enters the tassel and milk ripening stage, while double-season rice starts tillering and nodulation, and yield formation is at a critical period, which is also sensitive to high temperature and drought. At the same time, the later stages of production are also susceptible to disasters such as pests and diseases and cold dewy winds, and growers need to take the following protective measures.

1. Resist high heat and drought: prepare water sources for drought and irrigate scientifically to combat drought

2. Prevent drought and flooding: fight flooding and drainage, wash and support seedlings

3. Prevent pests and diseases: promote green control, pay attention to the two pests and the borer, and apply medicine in time to prevent rice blast and rice borer

4. Prevent from cold dew winds: irrigate to regulate temperature and harvest late

5. Prevent early withering: apply seed fertiliser appropriately, supplement with granular fertiliser and enhance the application of foliar fertiliser.

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