organic fertilizer
Use less chemical fertilizer and more organic fertilizer

Use less chemical fertilizer and more organic fertilizer

, Excessive use of chemical fertilizer destroys soil fertility
A large amount of chemical fertilizer will lead to the enrichment of nutrients, heavy metals and toxic organic matter in the soil, and the reduction of organic matter, which will cause land pollution, and even directly threaten the quality and safety of agricultural products.
If the soil fertility is destroyed, and we do not have healthy and safe arable land and water resources to carry out food planting, then we will not be able to obtain enough food to support human survival and development.
So in order to avoid this situation, we should start to reduce the use of chemical fertilizer from now on.


, Organic fertilizer has great effect on crop growth
The application of organic fertilizer has many advantages to the growth of crops
1) Improve soil quality and enhance disease resistance of crops
In the process of agricultural production, the application of organic fertilizer can effectively loosen the soil, improve the soil ventilation, and improve the quality of soil.
2) Promote crop growth
Organic fertilizer can increase the content of organic matter in the soil, so that crops can absorb better nutrition.
3) Promote soil microbial activity
On the one hand, the application of organic fertilizer can increase the number and population of soil beneficial microorganisms; on the other hand, the application of organic fertilizer can also provide good environmental conditions for soil microbial activities and significantly enhance soil microbial activities. Where soil microbes are active, crops will grow better.
4) Provide sufficient nutrients
Organic fertilizer not only contains a large number of nutrients and trace elements needed by plants, but also contains rich organic nutrients, such as vitamins, auxin and so on. Therefore, it can be said that organic fertilizer is the most comprehensive fertilizer.


Therefore, organic fertilizer can provide abundant nutrients for crops, so we should use more organic fertilizer. Moreover, the application of organic fertilizer can not only increase crop yield in the current season, but also be effective after several years because of its slow and lasting fertilizer effect.
Based on these two reasons, and in order to promote the growth of crops and improve our agricultural environment, producers must pay attention to: it is better to use less or no chemical fertilizer, and more organic fertilizer!