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Humic acid can improve soil

Principle 1 : Humic acid is the core of soil fertility: As we all know, "organic matter microorganism humus humic acid microorganism" runs through soil life, and humic acid plays a role of "life core" in the process of soil formation. It has the "heart" function of soil, dominates the material exchange and energy transformation of soil ecosystem, and is the "engine" of sustainable soil life. It can be said that without humic acid, the soil would be "dead".

Principle 2 : Industrial humic acid has the same root as soil:Coal humic acid and soil humic acid have similar physical properties, chemical composition, molecular structure and molecular weight range, and have the same application characteristics. Therefore, the use of coal humic acid to feed back the soil, homologous matching.


Principle 3 : Humic acid can adjust soil acidity and alkalinity: The molecular weight of humic acid ranges from several hundred to millions, containing a variety of active functional groups. Through different processes, we can develop a series of humic acid agricultural products suitable for alkaline or acid soil.

Principle 4 : Humic acid meets the requirements of agricultural production: Humic acid can suit measures to local conditions, develop environmental characteristic products, meet the needs of soil production in different time, space, zone and natural environment conditions, and meet the current situation and requirements of agricultural production in China.


Principle 5 : Humic acid is the safest organic matter: Humic acid extracted from industry mainly comes from weathered coal, lignite, peat and other coal resources, which is natural, green and safe. Through industrial utilization of coal humic acid or biotransformation of humic acid, the problem of safe delivery to soil can be solved scientifically.


Principle 6 : Humic acid can rapidly improve soil fertility:The maturity of soil organic matter is less than two or three years and more than one hundred years. Industrial Development and utilization of humic acid to obtain organic micro carbon with high activity will benefit the current year or even the current quarter.



Principle 7 :The organic-inorganic combination effect of humic acid is good: Humic acid can be combined with large, medium and trace nutrients and beneficial elements, once combined, it can achieve the best matching state. Under the condition of equal nutrients, the average utilization rate of humic acid fertilizer is more than 10% higher than that of conventional fertilizer, which is equivalent to a net increase of 30% - 40%.


Principle 8: Humic acid remediation of soil heavy metal pollution.:Humic acid can not only reduce the content of heavy metal pollutants in soil, but also improve the function of soil "self-healing", which is a good choice for soil remediation industry.




Principle 9 :  Humic acid is a local climate factor:Soil humic acid itself has low-carbon properties. Using humic acid fertilizer and its derivatives to feed agriculture, energy saving, low-carbon, emission reduction, green, is more effective in the development of climate agriculture.


Conclusion: Humic acid is soil, fertilizer and ecological. At present, it is scientific, effective and safe to use humic acid to regulate the relationship between soil and fertilizer.